No really, namaste.

Namaste--what a word and what a meaning. Since the beginning of January, I vowed to myself that I would honor all the power that resides in me. I promised myself that I would do things that make my soul happy and things that challenge me. So I bought myself a yoga membership and didn't look back. This past month I have practiced yoga daily--flowing in and out of asanas, praying for some sort of relief. My thoughts this past year became dark--nothing I have ever experienced. I looked in the mirror wondering what the hell was going on and how was I going to fix this. You could say I was in a total funk or was it just a sign that something needed to change? So I got my ass into therapy and hit the mat. AND what a journey it has become. Every day I get on and off the mat my heart opens, my skin radiates, and I find myself showered in gratitude. It brings me back to sanity, back to the present moments that I take for granted.

When you seal your practice with the word "namaste" you vow to love yourself and thank the teachers around you and within. Simply,  you cultivatecompassion you don't always have for yourself and others. I've learned we are all just balls of cosmic energy that want to radiate light, that darkness is not our natural state. We must honor every being's differences and love ourselves in that process. Think about it--when something bothers you about a person, it is probably something that bothers you about yourself. We are more alike than we think. That's why we must respect others and most importantly ourselves in a world of beautiful differences. "We are united, we are the same, we are one."

{Be inspired. Stay Positive. Love Yourself.}