Old Soul Problems

My entire life has revolved around my deep sense of "just knowing." I have always felt older and sometimes I have no idea why I can find words for the very things that trouble me in this life. When I was young, I loved family gatherings--only if I could sit with the grown ups and listen. I always found myself having something to say or positioning myself to connect with the adults. So from then on, I have felt like an old person in a young adult's body waiting for the day my mind catches up with my age. Let's just says its been interesting and it serves to be a gift and a curse.

I like to call this "old soul problems."

Here is how it feels most days:

  1. You have a deep intuition of knowing certain things are right and wrong moves in your life. Most of the time you are never surprised with the outcomes.
  2. You are constantly in your head--always having a conversation with yourself about your future or life's mysteries.
  3. People tell you,"you are wise beyond your years" after each conversation.
  4. Immaturity is the bane of your existence, to the point you want to whack the person on the side of the head and yell "shape up!"
  5. Maturity is also the bane of your existence, sometimes you wish you could think about things more superficially.
  6. You can weirdly feel the difference between "souls"--who has been here before and who just got here.
  7. Some friendships are a constant teaching experience, while others feel like you have known and understood each other for centuries.
  8. You don't dramatically react to life's curveballs.
  9. You question authority figures.
  10. Egos are a waste of time and you don't like stroking/creating them.

I'm not here to tell you if you are an "old soul." These are just the many feelings I and fellow "old soul" friends have felt/feel on a daily basis. If you are an "old soul," I understand you and know what you go through.

Cheers to #oldsoulproblems!

Be inspired. Stay Positive. Love yourself.