The First of Many

As we get into a new year, we are inundated with the idea that we must have a list of New Year's "Resolutions" ready to tackle. I am a proponent for goals, but the new year doesn't have to bring the stress of becoming a totally different person. If you lost yourself in the last year, by all means use the new year as a starting point, but note where you are coming from and what intentions you want to set. 2016 is about you, but so was 2015, 2014, 2013 . . . Make your New Year's "Reminders," "Mantras," "Guides," but do not stress if the loose ends of the past years haven't correctly threaded themselves.

Every year I write a list of hopes and dreams that I wish to attempt in the new year. Looking back, a consistent blog has always made the list and failed. Sometimes I think we get so overwhelmed by all the possibilities and scared that for some reason your individual thoughts will fail or offend someone. I am not implying that this particular blog will become a racey gossip site or political statement, but I hope to start conversations.

I named it "An Inspired Journey" because I believe in the power of storytelling. We all, whether you believe it or not, have some sort of purpose in this life.  For the past 4 years, I have been in search of mine. If any of you are familiar with my other social media sites, positivity and inspiration should come to mind; these are the fundamental guidelines to my life's purpose. Hence, {Be inspired. Stay Positive. Love Yourself.} becoming my personal tagline. Through this blog, I hope to inspire my dear friends and readers through the simple journeys of life itself and the thoughts and conclusions I make along the way. If I fail at it, then it was not meant for me to be a blogger, but if I succeed I will be grateful for this exciting experience. Stay tuned, friends.

{Be inspired. Stay Positive. Love Yourself.}