2016, I thank you.

2016, I thank you.

I may have started the year out in a therapist's office talking about the very things that scared the absolute hell out of me,  but I learned something every single day:

  • Life is what you literally make of it, you either push through the hard stuff or become the perpetual victim of your own life.
  • Some friendships are temporary and serve only a short time purpose in your life.
  • Yoga is harder than everyone thinks--I spent more time crying on that mat than I ever wanted to admit.
  • Friendship is the corner stone of every romantic relationship.
  • I was never meant to live a traditional life.
  • Loving yourself is a lot of work and some people will be scared of your self-aware attitude.
  • Finding your tribe of people is one of the greatest uses of time you will ever give yourself.
  • All people are complex. (Yes, ladies, even gay men.)
  • We must be our greatest advocates in life both professionally and personally.
  • Life long learning is more important than what a college degree will give you.
  • If you are passionate about anything you do in this life, keep going, hustle, and it will payoff--someday.
  • Never feel shame for the things you cannot control in your life.
  • Standing with your personal  convictions is hard, with integrity, it is worth it.
  • In any situation, kindness will always be the answer.
  • If someone chooses to be unkind to you and spew absolute negativity your way, know that it has nothing to do with you, but it is a reflection of themselves.
  • Never give your power away.
  • Talking about the hard stuff will only get easier.
  • It takes courage to be the person you want to be and go the places you want to go.
  • Vulnerability is not a weakness, but the greatest asset.
  • Find what inspires you and bathe in it.
  • Laughter and love are the ultimate medicines.

So I thank you, dear 2016, I thank you for throwing a mirror in my face and ultimately scaring the hell out of me. Thank you for the lessons, the hardships, the memories, the laughs, the tears, the love. Thank you to my friends, my family, the strangers with the smiles--know you are all loved. Let's make 2017 something to remember--we are all forces to be reckoned with.

Be inspired. Stay Positive. Love yourself.

With the great amount of gratitude, love, and light.