The Way Back to You

Life can throw us into a hectic and ongoing spiral. We often find ourselves sitting and wondering how we are going to get through. Life is hard. Life is stressful and if you do not have the tools to balance yourself, there will be a time where you will mentally, emotionally, and physically give out. These burnouts are a point in life for reassessment; they happen for a reason. They are on some cosmic level a message from the universe telling you to take back your life.

What does taking your life back actually mean? It means taking a step back from what is overwhelming you and assessing things that cannot serve a greater or positive purpose in your life any longer. Taking it back is a survey for you. Where you take a mental red pen and edit your novel—called life. After doing so, you assess your relationships with people and the one you have with yourself. In any situation this is hard and we often want to give up and pour the sugar back onto our candy-coated life and throw on the good ole’ rose-colored glasses. This will not help any situation. Changing and developing one’s own life is hard, but it is necessary when you feel like you cannot lather the glue back onto the broken pieces. Some often call this a mid-life or quarter-life crisis, others a beginning of a spiritual awakening. Whatever you choose to define it as is totally up to you. You are the only person affected by this life event, this revelation. Do not be scared, dear reader, it happens to the best of us and remember, “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging (Brene Brown).”

The intention is not to attack your imperfections, but to have you note that we as a human species are not perfect—by any means. The magic of imperfection is what makes us beautiful and also vulnerable. We being the imperfect beings, we are able to establish an even plane field for personal development. We must only focus on ourselves and embrace the people who love and support us along the way. Remember what I said about the red pen? This step is a major editor’s mark. Do it with the love for yourself.

You are probably wondering what other aspects to assess. A rule of thumb I tend to stick to is the three key elements of overall wellness—mind, body, and soul. When these three seem to be in sync and in balance you tend to be at peace. These aspects are so important. Mind consists of mental and emotional health. Body not only physical, but also your awareness of its capacity. Soul is your spiritual or religious balance. The interesting aspect is they all go hand-in-hand and their meanings can be changed with an individual’s interpretation. So take what you need from here and develop the meanings through your very own journey.

The mind is one of the most beautiful complexes we have. What are you doing to keep it healthy and functional? Having a fully functional mind is a part of the balancing act for overall health. If your mental and emotional health is compromised it can lead to distress in other areas of the wellness triad.
Here are some ways to keep the mind clear and the emotions authentic:
-Sleep more.
-Take deep breathes.
-Write things down.
-Cry it out. Your emotions are valid.
-Laugh every chance you can.
-Talk it out. Say what is on your mind—nicely and with intention.
-Have some alone time.
-Say “No.” You can’t always please everyone.
-Own your story and let it empower you.
-Most importantly, do the things that make YOU happy.

Your body is also a force to be reckoned with. Love your vessel. Nourish it with food that helps it function, but realize that you cannot always be perfect. Having a healthy relationship between you and your own physical body just adds another layer to the wellness cake. The relationship one has with his or her own body is important for even mental and emotional health as well. If one can accept where their own body is at and embrace it with gentleness and kindness; how will they ever be able to embrace other’s imperfections? Bodies are not what are shown in sports and fashion magazines. They are here in the present moment and take on many shapes and sizes. We all catch ourselves wishing we could be thin or have six-pack abs but what is wrong with just loving and embracing where you are at in your journey? Stand in the mirror someday and say to yourself, “I am enough. I love myself unconditionally, right now.” By repeating and saying this mantra, you gain back some personal power. You are able to look at yourself with love and honesty and accept where you are at in that moment. We all have body aspects we would love to change in a week, a month, a year, but look at it. Love your body for the functions it lets you do and nurture it to its full potential with grace and patience.
Soul is the hardest aspect to conceptualize. It all depends on what an individual believes in or how they define it. The soul is commonly related to some spiritual practice whether is going to church, doing yoga on a beach, or talking to a close friend. Whatever feeds it, do just that. Your soul is sensitive to the changes around you and guides your inner-self through journeys you are not even aware of at the time. Your soul should be nurtured just like your body and mind. It is often the aspect we disregard until we find ourselves feeling that something may be missing or lacking in our lives. This is the part of the triad where you cannot really see a change, but feel it intrinsically. The soul is a part of your inner being. Feed it with love and support and you should find freedom from the very things that inhibit your growth and development.

{Be inspired. Stay Positive. Love Yourself.}