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Get comfortable being uncomfortable
— Melinda Gates
"Look back at all the times someone didn't quite understand your journey, your healing." Marko Dewhurst examines popular notions of being healed and offers a new perspective on viewing the healing process. His work as a marketing strategist led him to compose a talk that compares business investments to the continued investments we must make in ourselves--always "finding our new normals" over and over again.

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I’m Marko!

A northern Minnesota boy, born & raised, turned Twin Cities local. I’m an inspiring writer, authentic brand builder, podcast host, and a 200-hour certified Power Yoga Teacher. Some also know me as a personal development junkie, old-millennial soul, avid foodie and nourishing cook, loyal friend and lover of all. 

Where you can find me most days:

As a Marketing Manager at the Minnesota Wedding Guide™. On other days, I'm writing, creating, personal developing, yoga-ing ( is that even a verb?), and laughing. Anyway, feel free to connect with me via Instagram and/or LinkedIn. I look forward to it!

What's with this site?

Let's talk about the shit that inspires us and challenges us. Let me share my impactful stories and hear about where you come from and what inspires you. It may be based on my journey, but ultimately it's about the start of deep, life-changing, healing conversations. It is the start of ridding yourself from the shame of the past you couldn't control, about the person you want to be, and just a place to find solace in the chaos of this heartbreakingly beautiful life. Read my words and share them. There is more to come. For now, this is a good start. XO

Presenting my TEDx Talk at Hamline University in April 2019. Photo by Autumn Wilkie.

Presenting my TEDx Talk at Hamline University in April 2019. Photo by Autumn Wilkie.